Three features uniquely integrate a competitive advantage for your new career: the mmf faculty, industry work experience, and communication skills.

1. Our faculty is multi-disciplinary, specializing in mathematics, science and finance.

In the first part of the 3-session program (4 months), you enhance your existing analytical skills by attending courses taught by senior academics in mathematics, computer science, statistics, engineering and industry professionals. We apply an inter-disciplinary approach because it provides students with an innovative approach to applied mathematics in real-world situations. Some of the mmf faculty are experienced professionals from the financial industry and software industry. The mmf program incorporates faculty from international universities, thus providing a global teaching environment to the Program.

2. An internship in the second session exposes you to real-work situations.

A unique feature of the mmf Program is the internship in the second session.

3. Strong communication skills are an essential part of your success.

You enhance your communication skills by participating in group work, preparing and presenting presentations, as well as attending professional events.

The University of Toronto (St. George Campus) is located in downtown Toronto. Toronto is one of the most diverse and safe urban environments in the world; it offers a student-friendly environment.