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MMF Blog: Shahpour Turkian

Shapour Turkian (MMF 2014) spent five years working as quant at two of Canada’s big five banks before moving into investment management at fintech start-up Atlas Capital. Now he’s living the dream, doing work that aligns with his personal values around sustainability and responsible investing. Here’s how he got the job.

Sustainability Webinar Series: The Future of Liquid Fuels

Join us on Friday Jan 13 at 9am EST for the first event in our Sustainability Webinar Series: Green Transportation – Net Zero, featuring Alain Mathuren of FuelsEurope who will discuss the Future of Liquid Fuels, a Financial Perspective on the Road to Net Zero Emissions. Click here to join the webinar from 9am EST on Friday Jan 13.

MMF 2023-2024 Applications Now Closed

The application period for the MMF Program’s 2023-2024 school year is now closed as of December 2022. Applications will open in Fall 2023 for the 2024-2025 school year. Click here for more information on MMF’s application criteria, and be sure to follow MMF on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify for more updates throughout the year!

MMF Ranked A Top-25 Quant Program By

MMF once again ranks among the best Quantitative Finance programs in the world in’s 2022 Quant Finance Master’s Guide.


Established in 1998 MMF remains at the forefront of training in quantitative finance. MMF is a boutique Program admitting a select number of students each year who will move through the Program as one cohort. The boutique nature of our Program means that students will learn in smaller class sizes, have the opportunity to build lasting bonds with their classmates and work in industry-like teams to complete projects and presentations.

If you have advanced math, statistics and programming skills you may be a great fit for Quantitative Finance. After 12 months of training your Master of Mathematical Finance degree prepares you to join a dynamic and growing industry

Financial Mathematics is one of the fastest growing areas of applied mathematics. Institutions that employ financial mathematicians are among the wealthiest and most sophisticated corporations in the world. A career in financial mathematics provides you with an invigorating combination of intellectual challenge and accelerated professional growth.

A fast-track Program

During your 12 months of training in MMF your superior quantitative skills are focused on the tools of financial mathematics for the initial 4 months of course work. You then move into a full-time 4 month internship with one of our industry partners. Finally, you will complete course work during the last 4 months of the Program.

Applied mathematics in business is as demanding and interesting as it is in the sciences, engineering or technology

You may join an institution (hedge fund, bank, government or pension plan) with multibillion-dollar investment portfolios. You may manage sophisticated hedge funds, complex derivatives, assess the risk in a bank’s commercial loans portfolio or develop original software applications for financial markets. There have been Nobel Prizes awarded for work in financial mathematics.