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Fall 2021 Application Window

The MMF Program’s application window for Fall 2021 entry is now closed. Good luck to all of our qualified applicants!

MMF Global Talks

Have you yet attended one of our MMF Global Talks series, featuring monthly talks with MMF alumni and industry leaders? The virtual series is open to all and free to sign-up for at!

Our most-recent talk featured MMF alumni Angie Elkhodiry, Head of Business Innovation at TD Asset Management. Listen to it on Spotify, and subscribe to the MMF Podcast for archived and upcoming episodes! 

MMF Ranked A Top-10 Quant Program By

MMF ranks 8th in’s 2021 Quant Finance Master’s Guide. We’ve maintained our top 10 rating year-over-year thanks to our exclusivity and our rapid pivot to online program delivery in 2020. In order to facilitate remote learning, we’ve created dedicated website for course materials and offered career coaching for internship placements by video call. 


Established in 1998 MMF remains at the forefront of training in quantitative finance. MMF is a boutique Program admitting a select number of students each year who will move through the Program as one cohort. The boutique nature of our Program means that students will learn in smaller class sizes, have the opportunity to build lasting bonds with their classmates and work in industry-like teams to complete projects and presentations.

If you have advanced math, statistics and programming skills you may be a great fit for Quantitative Finance. After 12 months of training your Master of Mathematical Finance degree prepares you to join a dynamic and growing industry

Financial Mathematics is one of the fastest growing areas of applied mathematics. Institutions that employ financial mathematicians are among the wealthiest and most sophisticated corporations in the world. A career in financial mathematics provides you with an invigorating combination of intellectual challenge and accelerated professional growth.

A fast-track Program

During your 12 months of training in MMF your superior quantitative skills are focused on the tools of financial mathematics for the initial 4 months of course work. You then move into a full-time 4 month internship with one of our industry partners. Finally, you will complete course work during the last 4 months of the Program.

Applied mathematics in business is as demanding and interesting as it is in the sciences, engineering or technology

You may join an institution (hedge fund, bank, government or pension plan) with multibillion-dollar investment portfolios. You may manage sophisticated hedge funds, complex derivatives, assess the risk in a bank’s commercial loans portfolio or develop original software applications for financial markets. There have been Nobel Prizes awarded for work in financial mathematics.

We are excited to launch our 2021 Internships 

Students in this Program have strong backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and programming, and are drawn from disciplines such as engineering, physics, actuarial science, mathematics, and computer science. We typically admit 30 students each year from a pool of over 500 applicants.

Our students are able to assist you and your teams in tackling challenging problems and producing useful results for your organization. Our internship period takes place from January 4, 2021 to April 30, 2021 and students will work full-time during their internship placement. As the internship is a degree credit in MMF, students will be expected to write a paper and present their projects to the Director of the Program and their classmates after the internship period has been completed.

To hire an intern or to become one of MMF’s industry partners, please contact Tracy Barber at 416-946-8711 or