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Or a Financial Engineer. Or a Data Scientist. Or a Risk Manager. Or a Software Developer. We’ve got them all!

MMF Students, new grads and alumni have strong backgrounds in mathematics, statistics and programming, and are drawn from disciplines such as engineering, physics, actuarial science, mathematics and computer science. Admission to the program is highly competitive: on average, 30 students are admitted each year from a pool of over 500 applicants. Only the best of the best become MMF interns, new grads and alumni.

MMF is a professional graduate program designed to meet the specific quantitative and computational needs of the financial industry. The program emphasis is on quantitative risk and asset management in finance.

What employers say about MMF talent
“The University of Toronto’s Master of Mathematical Finance internship program has been a wonderful partner for OPTrust. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Chloe Wei whose collaborative working style and strong coding skills made her a great addition to the team during her term at OPTrust. The program has been a resource for talent like Chloe and multiple program alumni continue to be valued members of our team. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the years to come.”


MMF students can assist you and your teams in tackling challenging problems and producing useful results for your organization. For the current program, our internship period takes place from January 3, 2022 to April 29, 2022 and students will work full-time during their internship placement. Interns are compensated either via your company payroll or lump sum payment to the program. To offset the student’s tuition, a minimum pay threshold of net $15,000 for the four-month period is required.

Aug-Sep 2021: Students begin their Winter 2022 internship job search.
Sep-Oct 2021: Employers are notified that student profiles are visible in the Internship Hiring Portal.
Nov-Dec 2021: Students accept formal written offers for Winter 2022 internships.
Jan-Apr 2022: Students complete their four-month placements.
May 2022: Students prepare a presentation highlighting the work they performed.

Interns work on individual or group projects with specific benchmarks to measure the intern’s progress throughout the period.

The internship is a degree credit in MMF, and students will present their projects after the internship period has been completed. See the projects our students undertook in Winter 2021 at companies ranging from major banks and pension funds to fintech start-ups.

For more information, or to hire a quant as a Winter 2022 intern, please contact Tracy Barber, Internships and External Relations, at 416-946-8711 or


MMF has a New Grad Hiring Portal where employers can act as secret shoppers and view profiles of grads who are currently seeking full-time employment. MMF is widely recognized for producing top talent, in fact the MMF program is ranked eighth world-wide by

The New Grad Hiring Portal helps employers to get know our new grads well beyond their resumes. Each profile includes:

  • the grad’s most recent job title;
  • other career paths they’re interested in pursuing;
  • their top hard skill and top soft skill;
  • a short video showing the work they did during their Winter internship.

May-July 2022: New Grads start their full-time job search. Employers are notified that profiles are visible.

For more information, or to gain access to the MMF New Grad Employment portal, please contact Tracy Barber at 416-946-8711 or


Experienced MMF alumni are sought after by pension funds, major banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and fintech startups. They bring top skills in quantitative analysis, mathematical modelling, software development and data science to the financial services sector.  Alumni have access to life-long professional development courses via MMF eLearning to ensure they remain relevant as the financial services industry evolves.

Given that the program has been producing talent since 1999, MMF alumni are well qualified to act as CFOs, VPs, Directors and Senior Managers.  Hear their stories in our podcast series, MMF Global.

For more information, or to post an employment opportunity to our alumni portal, please contact Tracy Barber at 416-946-8711 or