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Welcome to MMF Global; a series of thought-provoking and insightful talks by MMF alumni, innovators and leaders from all corners of the world and the industry. If you’d like to sign up to be alerted of upcoming MMF Global talks to attend online register here and be sure to subscribe to the MMF Podcast on Spotify to be alerted about new episodes as soon as they go live.


Alyson Bailey-Flynn
Vice President of Enterprise Risk

From MMF to a Great Career: Four Pillars

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Pinar Colak
Data Scientist

From MMF to Amazon: Staying Relevant

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Baker Garbawi
Founder and CEO
WiFiesta Inc.

From MMF to Entrepreneur

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Taha Jaffer
Head of Wholesale Banking and Global Treasury AI

From MMF to AI

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Angie Elkhodiry
AVP, Head of Business Innovation
TD Asset Management

Success: Even During COVID

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